Le Laboratoire

L’oeil du client


SOTICI has a control and test laboratory that keeps a permanent eye on the quality of our tubes during their production. Our laboratory is equipped with latest generation machines and tools to accurately measure the parameters needed to certify our products to the standards required to deliver quality products to our customers.
For dimensional controls, the laboratory team uses high precision tools: micrometers, circometers, vernier calipers, ruler sets, wedge sets, templates, tape measure, etc. To ensure that the thicknesses, outside diameters, ovalizations, lengths, tulips, threads and strainers etc … Are well understood in the ranges of tolerances that the respective standards require.

For mechanical and physicochemical controls, the laboratory has tensile and elongation testing machines, external shocks, crushers, internal pressure test tanks, gelling, shrinkage, robots, presses , etc … To ensure the conformity of the products in accordance with the standards in force.
We invite our very dear customers and our staff to visit our facilities to see how our structure works and meet our staff who is at the service of quality. Write to us on info@sotici.com, we will treat your request with pleasure to welcome you.


« Since 1989, when I joined the team of the SOTICI laboratory, the level of demand for quality has steadily increased. Over the 40 years of our existence, our team has acquired a level of experience that makes it efficient and reliable in the service of quality. Our role is to ensure that our customers receive products that comply with international standards. Being the customer’s eye to SOTICI is a pride ! »

Thierry Bazeli Moloko –Manager of the Laboratory of Controls and Tests